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Use the LIVE CHAT box at the bottom of the screen at any time to get an answer on the fly!
Remember, we do not use robots and specialists and experts in the field of gas technologies will answer you if it is not a deep night :)

Use the contacts of the CUSTOMER SERVICE during working hours!

To become a customer, click LOG IN at the top and select CREATE ACCOUNT. After filling in the required fields, click CONFIRM and you will become a client of ELME MESSER L SIA.
If you order gas in a rental cylinder, then upon the first delivery you will receive a rental agreement. By signing this agreement, you will become a full-fledged client with all rights and opportunities.
The user who signed up for gasbox:
- sees the remains of goods in the gasbox warehouse
- sees special prices and discounts and can request a discount or special payment conditions through gasbox
- sees the history of orders and can repeat any order
- sees the entire history of invoices and can pay unpaid invoices using the payment system
- sees information on the number of cylinders for rent
- can create stencils of orders, which greatly simplify ordering goods during regular work

Not! Gas is sold on the basis of a cylinder lease. The price for renting a cylinder is indicated in the product card in the SPECIFICATION section.

Renting a cylinder is the right to use a cylinder. The lease is charged at the end of the month based on the number of days spent with the client in the lease. The rental invoice will be sent by e-mail at the beginning of the next month.
Clients who are going to rent for a long time can use the RENT BONUS service and save 50-70%.

It's very simple. Gasbox is very convenient for ordering. There are different options - choose the most convenient for you.
OPTION 1. Put any goods in the basket and make a standard order.
OPTION 2. If you want to order those items that you have already ordered or were interested in, use the MY ITEM filter
OPTION 3. Go to the client's office and find an order or invoice in the history. Select it and click ORDER AGAIN. After that you can remove or add positions and quantities. IT'S COMFORTABLE!
OPTION 4. Add any product to the WISHED GOODS and in the client's office place an order using the assembled sets!
OPTION 5. Type in the shopping cart the products that you want to use as a SCHEDULE OF ORDERS and mark in the basket as SCHEDULE. After that, the created stencil will always be in the client's office. Quantity and assortment can be adjusted for each order.
Yes! Write to any specialist from Customer Service and we will connect additional users!